What is SaudiPoint?


Login and Registration

Is signing up for SaudiPoint free?
How do I signup for a free account with SaudiPoint?
What should I do if I have not received the activation register link?
How do I benefit from an SaudiPoint account?
Can I have more than one account?
What is the method used to recover the login name and my password ?
how can i update my account?


What are the steps for posting an advertisement?
how do i ad a picture to my advertisement?
Will my ad be published at the same time?
how many ads can i add in one day?
how many images can i add to my post?
what image formats are allowed?
do ads have a certain criteria for the size of their featured photo?
I have added my ads and I cannot find any comments about it on SaudiPoint
What are the steps for posting an advertisement on SaudiPoint Facebook page?
how do i contact the advertiser of an ad that i like?
how do i add an advertisement to my favorites?
how do i edit ads in my favorites list?
how do i report an inappropriate ad?
how do i edit or delete my ad?
how do repost my advertisement?
what should i do if i face a problem while posting my ad?


how do i search for an ad on SaudiPoint?
How do I search by geographic location ?
When you search for my ad I can not find it on the open market?

About the site

how do i contact SaudiPoint customer service?
Why should I choose SaudiPoint?
benefits of having an online ad?
What is SaudiPoint facebook name?
What is SaudiPoint twitter name?
What is SaudiPoint blog address?

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