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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2017

Jeddah is rated as one of the best places for sightseers and holidaymakers. It has everything to offer for families. More importantly, Jeddah is considered as the fun destination for kids and younger children.

Jeddah has its unique history, diverse culture and modern amenities. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people and travel aficionados come to Jeddah from different parts of the world to see this beautiful place.  It also gives them the opportunity to learn about the history and traits of the ‘Arab Culture’.

This special ad post throws light on top 10 “best places to visit in Jeddah 2017”:

1- Atallah Happy Land Theme Park

The Atallah Happy Land Theme Park in Jeddah is rated as one of the most exciting destinations for both kids and younger children. It offers indoor and outdoor activities for children’s amusement. It is a spacious theme park which is covered with 45000 square meters and presents a spectacular view of the sea.

2- Sail Island

It is a breathtaking place for children and young adults. Situated at the Red Sea Corniche, the Sail Island offers great rides, swimming pools, parks, café and restaurant for families.

3- Al Shallal Theme Park

It displays a fabulous view of the landscape with a lake and restaurants. It offers children the amazing Amazon wood roller coaster ride for enjoyment.  This park is known as an ‘Oasis in Desert’.

4- Chuck E Cheese

Spread over 60,000 square meters, the Chuck E Cheese is Jeddah’s hot spot for families and offers more than 200 games for children. Not only this, it also offers camel race, airplane ride, ice skating, bowling and many other activities for your enjoyment.

5- Stationery Fantasies Water Park

Situated at the Sultan Street, the Stationery Fantasies Water Park is only made for children amusement and offers thrilling slides and swimming pools. In addition, it consists of a shopping mall.

6- Funtimes

This is an entertainment spot for toddlers which is located on the Red Sea Mall. This place offers many exhilarating activities for children such as roller coasters, electronic games, food stalls and bumper cars.

7- Intenso

This is a perfect place for adolescents as it offers various things to do like snooker, car racing and play station console gaming. Additionally the Intenso has bowling and leisure areas for refreshment.

8- Café Ceramique

Situated at the Starts Avenue, the Café Ceramique is the best place for enjoyment. Mostly creative people visit this place to spend their spare time.

9- Fayfa Zoo and Garden

The Fayfa Zoo and Garden is situated at Tahlia Street in Jeddah which provides an unforgettable nature experience to people and families.

10- Andalus Mall, Arabian Mall, Aziz Mall, Falcon Mall, Moon & Toon

If you really want to experience the adventure world, you should visit these places. All these places offer plenty of entertainments for kids like rides, bumping cars, wall climbing, video games, shopping, food courts and physical activities.

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