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Top 10 Latest Car Models for Sale in Saudi Arabia 2017

The Saudi Auto market has earned a huge reputation due to its attractive and innovative car models in the world today. The figures reveal that over 800,000 new car models are sold each year in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the same number of used car models are sold every year in Saudi Arabia.


The top 10 latest car models for sale in Saudi Arabia are the following:

#1: Toyota Camry

It is one of the best sedan models in the world at the moment.  The Toyota Camry is very famous in Saudi Arabia because of its great resistance, superb quality, reliability and impeccable performance. Therefore, the sale of Toyota Camry in Saudi Arabia is on the rise and it has the best resale value over all the other car models available in Saudi Arabia.


#2: Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a branded car model in Saudi Arabia that offers an excellent quality and solid performance.  The main competitor of Honda Accord is Toyota Camry. This new car has a good resale value in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


#3: Ford Explorer

The Ford Explore is one of the most popular SUV models in the world and it earned a huge recognition because of its great balance, superb quality and cost-effectiveness in the Gulf region.  Thus, the Ford Explore is one of the best car models for sale in Saudi Arabia.


#4: Mercedes S Class

When it comes to Mercedes S Class, it is the soul of luxury and perhaps the most famous German car model for sale in Saudi Arabia, along with it has a good resale value in KSA.


#5: Toyota Corolla

It is the second Toyota car model on the list and this is a super new car model in the world. The Toyota Corolla is extremely popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its marvelous design, shape, color and impeccable speed. You can search the latest Toyota Corolla models for sale in Saudi Arabia.


#6: Ford Taurus

It is one of the largest sedan models worldwide which are now available for sale in Saudi Arabia at cost-effective rates. The Ford Taurus has a great balance, speed, performance and resistance.


 #7: Lexus LS

I love to drive, the new Lexus LD  is making a big impact all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its luxurious, easy and peaceful drive. Hence, the Lexus LS is one of the top 10 luxurious car models for sale in Saudi Arabia.


#8: Toyota Land Cruiser

It is the third Toyota car model for sale in KSA on the list. It is the most beautiful car due to its luxurious and comfortable drive. The Toyota Land Cruiser recognizes as a symbol of status  in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.  It is a special car model for anyone who is finding a rock solid tank to surpass any territory around the globe.


#9: Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata has immensely captured the attention of plenty of people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region due to its perfect balance and comfortable drive. Therefore, it has become the preferred choice amongst the car rental fleets in Saudi Arabia.


#10: Toyota Hilux

It is the last car model for sale in Saudi Arabia on the list which has a great balance, speed and offers a comfortable drive. The Toyota Hilux is famously known as a ‘workhorse of the desert’. It is durable car and receives a great recognition from all around the world.


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