October 5, 2016 by SaudiPoint in Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Lost and Found Ads in Saudi Arabia – Iqama/ Driving License/ Passport

Have you lost a wallet or a purse while traveling in a car in Saudi Arabia? Have you lost a mobile phone while shopping from a hypermarket in Jeddah? Have you lost money in form of Saudi Riyals while exploring the supermarkets and shopping malls in Mecca? Have you lost a wrist watch after releasing from your office? Many things can be lost either by intentionally or unintentionally during your stay in Saudi Arabia, but whatever is lost it can be found. Luck plays a vital role in both the lost and found in Saudi Arabia.

Whatever maybe you have lost during your stay in Saudi Arabia, don’t lose your hope. It is the hope that will keep you motivated while finding your lost items in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Mecca, Medina or any other particular city in Saudi Arabia. Post a free classified ad in the “lost and found section” on classified ad sites where you will need to give the complete details about your lost money, product, accessory or any other item. Utilize this service freely in Saudi Arabia now.

What Can I Post in Lost and Found Section?

You can post different types of free classified ads about your lost and found items such as:

  • Lost and found my IQAMA
  • Lost and found my wallet
  • Lost and found my Driving License
  • Lost and found my money
  • Lost and found my handbag
  • Lost and found my Passport
  • Lost and found my iPhone 6
  • Lost and found my Rolex watch
  • Lost & found my cat
  • Lost & found my German Shepherd Dog
  • Lost & found my car
  • Lost & found my jewelry
  • Lost & found my laptop
  • Lost & found my iPad
  • Lost & found my suitcase
  • Lost & found my drive license
  • Lost & found my documents

On saudipoint.com, you can post any type of free classified ad on the “lost & found section” in Saudi Arabia to let the people know about your lost or found item.

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